You are currently viewing 5個Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1考試貼士

5個Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1考試貼士

1. 投入大量的練習時間

因為 CFA 考試時間很長(每個級別 6 小時),所以時間管理是必不可少的。吸收信息是一回事。您還需要將其付諸實踐,以提高您的回憶並確保您理解問題。從 CFA Institute 的書籍開始,其中包含大量模擬考試和練習題。然後,找出你最薄弱的科目並集中精力複習它們。然後,至少在考試前兩個月,開始參加模擬考試。免費模擬問題可以在本博客的末尾找到。

2. 不要浪費時間

CFA協會推薦大約285小時的學習時間。但是,根據您的背景、時間管理技能和預科課程,您可以充分利用每個小時,顯著減少浪費的學習時間。例如,通過《普林斯頓評論》,您應該能夠將分心放在一邊,並在 120 小時內完成 I 級 CFA 考試準備工作。

3. 制定學習計劃


4. 關注概念

CFA 考試越來越概念化,尤其是一級考試。專注於考試中最重要的公式,並提供一個公式表,重點介紹常識應用程序以及如何獲取您可能需要的任何其他信息。最後,您需要弄清楚如果它們佔用了您太多時間,您可以跳過哪些公式。




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1. Which of the following statements relating to obstacles to efficient allocation of resources is/are most likely incorrect?

I: Price ceilings set below the equilibrium price lead to shortages, bribery, poor quality and black marketeering.
II: Subsidies decrease equilibrium quantities and lead to dead weight losses from overproduction.
III: Production quotas decrease equilibrium quantities and lead to dead weight losses from underproduction.

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2. The commodity market initially grew due to producers desiring a hedging vehicle. Recently institutions like pension plans and hedge funds have looked to commodities as a way to diversify and grow, respectively.

Which of the following least describes the impact this institutional money has had:

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3. If you were to finance a $25,000 car purchase with a 6 year, 5% compounded monthly loan, your monthly payments will be closest to:

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4. Which of the following forms of trading blocs allow for unrestricted trade of goods and services among its members?

I. Free trade areas
II. Customs unions
III. Common market

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5. The exchange rate between two currencies has decreased to 101.34. The price currency has appreciated by 7.5 percent against the base currency. The initial exchange between the two currencies was closest to:

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