You are currently viewing AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam (CLF-C01) 免費模擬試題[2022更新]

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam (CLF-C01) 免費模擬試題[2022更新]

該證書可協助組織確定和培養具有實作雲端計劃相關關鍵知識的人才, 獲得 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 可驗證雲端操作的流暢性和 AWS 基礎知識的掌握程度。


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1. The use of what AWS feature or service allows companies to track and categorize spending on a detailed level?

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2. Which AWS IAM feature allows developers to access AWS services through the AWS CLI?

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3. According to best practices, how should an application be designed to run in the AWS Cloud?

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4. Which of the following is a shared control between the customer and AWS?

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5. A customer would like to design and build a new workload on AWS Cloud but does not have the AWS- related software technical expertise in-house.

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 適用於了解 AWS 平台基本知識的任何人員。開始此考試之前,建議您:

  1. 使用 AWS 雲端六個月
  2. 應對 IT 服務,以及其對 AWS 雲端平台的使用方式有基本的了解
  3. 了解核心 AWS 服務和使用案例、帳單和定價模型、安全概念以及雲端如何影響您的業務


  1. 若要獲得此認證,您將需要參加並通過 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 考試 (CLF-C01)。此考試結合了兩種問題格式:多選或多個答案。


雲端技術概念(26%)-認識 AWS 相對傳統 IT 基建的優點以及 AWS 提供的商業價值,AWS 提供的成本效益和基於雲端的應用程式設計理念

安全及合規(25%)-認識 AWS 和用家使用 AWS 服務的責任分嶺,如何讓應用付合法律及內部要求,AWS 的使用授權機制 (如 IAM)以及 AWS 在安全上提供的支援

技術(33%)-認識 AWS 的核心產品和全球化基建,常見的應用部署模式,以及獲取技術支援的方法。

收費和成本(16%)-認識 AWS 不同的收費模式以及成本管理的方法,以及獲得成本管理支援的方法。

AWS 官方的 AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential 六小時的教學影片



Amazon Web Services 概觀

AWS 定價如何運作

比較 AWS Support 計劃

資格階梯 source from AWS

This credential helps organizations identify and develop talent with the key knowledge to implement cloud initiatives, and earning an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner verifies fluency in cloud operations and mastery of AWS fundamentals.

Applicable to this exam

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is for anyone with basic knowledge of the AWS platform. Before starting this exam, it is recommended that you:

  1. Six months on the AWS cloud
  2. Cope with IT services and have a basic understanding of how they use the AWS cloud platform
  3. Learn about core AWS services and use cases, billing and pricing models, security concepts, and how the cloud impacts your business

What does it take to get this certification?

To earn this certification, you will need to take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01). This exam combines two question formats: multiple choice or multiple answers.

The content of the exam revolves around the following categories (refer to official documents):

  1. Cloud Technology Concepts (26%) – Recognize the benefits of AWS over traditional IT infrastructure and the business value AWS provides, the cost-effectiveness AWS provides and cloud-based application design concepts
  2. Security and Compliance (25%) – Recognize the division of responsibilities between AWS and users when using AWS services, how to make applications comply with legal and internal requirements, AWS usage authorization mechanisms (such as IAM), and AWS security support
  3. Technology (33%) – Recognize AWS’ core products and global infrastructure, common application deployment patterns, and how to obtain technical support.
  4. Charges and Costs (16%) – Recognize AWS’s different charge models and approaches to cost management, as well as ways to get cost management support.

AWS Official Cloud Practitioner Essential Six-Hour Instructional Video

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