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1. A project with multiple teams recently transitioned from a predictive approach to agile as requested by the product owner. Midway through implementation, a team member noticed there was no technical capability to support the current business requirement; therefore, the project will need to be reworked and the issue needs to be communicated to all stakeholders. What should the agile project lead have done to avoid this situation?

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2. A project manager has noticed that a critical team member is consistently arguing with a client. This has started to have a negative effect on the meetings.
How should the project manager address this?

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3. A project is behind schedule due to an incorrectly estimated task on the critical path. What should the project manager do?

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4. Five agile teams working together on a product recently performed release planning Midway through the project, each team showed that their progress was on track. When all of the teams integrated at the product level, many integration issues were observed. The overall product release progress declined with predictions showing the committed content will not be able to be accomplished.
What should the project manager have done differently?

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5. A client verbally approves the project management plan. What should the project manager do first?

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