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1. A team is given an agile project to build a conceptual product for a new customer. While planning, the project manager is trying to determine the best way to show value to the customer, as the technical requirements are not very detailed. What should the project manager do to help the
client understand the value delivered during project execution?

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2. During the implementation phase of a construction project the customer asked a key subcontractor to deliver a work package ahead of time. The subcontractor was not prepared for it and asked the project manager for additional budget. What should the project manager do first?

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3. A project manager is managing a project which has a very complex and long execution period Although the project is mostly predictive, the team was able to break the design and execution into smaller packages using a hybrid framework. The business wants to keep track of the value delivered by this framework application but there is no defined set of measurable items for the framework.
What should the project manager do first?

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4. The main project stakeholder was fired and replaced by another stakeholder. The new stakeholder reviewed the project scope and requested numerous changes, arguing that the stakeholder’s team is unhappy with the results to date.
What should the project manager do?

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5. A project manager is implementing a new software system. Some department staff members are questioning the necessity of the change and feel the new system will impede their current processes. What should the project manager have done at the start of the project to prevent this resistance?

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