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1. During a network upgrade for a company, the client informs the project manager that a government representative notified the client about a separate project that will affect the network upgrade. Any change in the upgrade will impact the project’s cost and schedule.
What should the project manager do first?

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2. A project manager is leading a regulatory project that involves multiple geographic locations and has a strict deadline. Although the company has no previous experience with this type of project the stakeholders have approved it.
What tool or technique should the project manager use to address the lack of expertise?

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3. A project manager joins a government project that is partially staffed.
The company’s CEO mandated that all project resources must have specific skills and certifications.
When staffing the project. the previous project manager failed to follow the CEO’s guidelines.
What should the current project manager do next?

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4. A leader from project B consistently reaches out to a team member in project A for assistance.
What should project A’s project manager do?

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5. A project manager is implementing a new software system. Some department staff members are questioning the necessity of the change and feel the new system will impede their current processes. What should the project manager have done at the start of the project to prevent this resistance?

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