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1. A project team with members from many different countries is struggling to cooperate. The project manager accepted these difficulties during the storming phase of team development, but the team has not moved to the next phase. The project is beginning to fall behind schedule.
What can the project manager do to move the team to the norming phase?

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2. Five agile teams working together on a product recently performed release planning Midway through the project, each team showed that their progress was on track. When all of the teams integrated at the product level, many integration issues were observed. The overall product release progress declined with predictions showing the committed content will not be able to be accomplished.
What should the project manager have done differently?

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3. A team is given an agile project to build a conceptual product for a new customer. While planning, the project manager is trying to determine the best way to show value to the customer, as the technical requirements are not very detailed. What should the project manager do to help the
client understand the value delivered during project execution?

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4. A team has different ideas on how to address a feature of a product under construction and; although the sprint began two days ago, they have still not reached a consensus. What should the project manager do?

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5. In a hybrid project, 100 new base stations are being added to a 4G mobile network every month. At the end of the first month, the team is behind the target and the operator is losing money. The stakeholders are requesting information on when the base stations can go live and begin to bill. What should the project manager do to take the schedule back and accelerate the return on investment (ROI) of the project?

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