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What is Bee Prepared vision ?

We believe that everyone should have equal educational and job opportunities. With us, a more cost-effective learning system for working professionals, you can study and equip yourself for a better career path in an innovative, flexible and affordable way.  

How does it work ?

Step 1: Search the exam past paper you need
Step 2: Add to cart
Step 3: Check order information correct and check out to place order
Step 4: Process payment
Step 5: Receive past paper from email (please check for spam if you
can’t receive it )

How to search mock exams?

You can search it by categories, exam code, exam name or contact us directly if the exam past paper is not listed on our website. 

How to place order ?

Method 1: You can place orders by pressing “Add to cart” and check out on Bee Prepared website

Method 2: If you have special requests or you would like to process payment by FPS/Payme/Alipay, please fill in the order form on the right hand side.

How to pay ?

Method 1: You can process payment by Paypal/Visa on Bee Prepared website

Method  2: We accept FPS/Alipay/Payme (FPS ID 163606098/Payme xxxxxx/ Alipay xxxxxx). Please upload the proof of transaction to the order form .The proof of transaction must be uncut and showing the reference number. Bank SMS notification is not accepted as the proof of transaction.

When would I receive my past paper ?

We will send you the past-paper in 1 working day after the payment have been processed successfully. 

What is in our past paper ?

We provide exam questions, correct answers, explanations, reference and incorrect answer explanations in our mock tests to help learners well prepared for your certificate exams. Here is a sample from our past paper ! 

How do I get my mock tests ?

We will send you via email. Please ensure your email address provided to us is correct. Also check for Spam if needed. 

Does Bee Prepared provide free mock tests ?

Yes we provide free mock tests for some of the exams. Please check for free to access free learning materials. 

Can I give Bee Prepared feedback?

We treasure every comments and feedback from you. You are the only reason why we are here. Please feel free to contact us anytime. 

I still have questions

Please contact us via [email protected]. We are here to help!