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Bee-Care FAQ

Q1: Can I get the full refund even if I failed the exams on the first attempt?

Ans: Yes, as long as you practised with Bee Prepared and passed the exam within the protection period


Q2: Can I get 2-month membership fee refund after passing the certification exams?

Ans: Sorry, you can get 1-month membership fee back for passing one certification exam. If you are Bee-Pro member, you have to pass the exam within 1-month protection period. If you are Bee-Elite member, you have 3-month projection period which means you can be rewarded if you passed the exam within 3 months.


Q3: Can I have 2 Rewards if I took 2 certification exams during the protection period?

Ans: One Bee-Care takes care of one certification exam, so if you took 2 certification exams, you need to join Bee-Care 2 times and join Bee-Elite membership as it provides all full version mock exams.


Q4: How will I get the reward?

Ans: We will send you by bank transfer/ FPS/ Payme. you can let us know your preference in the reward form


Q5: How long will I get the reward?

Ans: You should get the reward in 7 working days after the reward form is submitted. please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions


Q6: How many times can I join Bee-Care?

Ans: There is no limitation. Bee Prepared encourages members to work hard and invest in their career development


Q7: Any requirements for me to request for Bee-Care Reward?

Ans: You need to provide the information stated on Bee-Care Reward form. Our Bee-Care assistant will contact so please provide your certificate result that the name on it is matched with the Bee Prepared membership number and Bee-Care number.


Q8: If I pass the exam within the protection period, how much will it cost me to prepare for the exam?

Ans: Your 1-month membership fee on Bee Prepared will be fully refunded. For example, if you have joined Bee-Elite membership for 2 months(HKD280 x 2)  + HKD50 for Bee-Care, you will be refunded HKD280. So you get one-month free membership because of your hard works!


Q9: Will my Bee-Care expire?

Ans: Please submit the Bee-Care reward form within 30 days of the certification exam result announcement date. We reserve the right to all the decisions.