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1. The percentage returns for a stock for a 5-year period are provided below:

2008: 12%
2009: 9%
2010: -2%
2011: 12%
2012: 8%

What is the standard deviation of the stock returns? You should treat the 5 year period as the population, not as a sample.

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2. Given the following data, determine the cash flow from operations:

Sales = USD2,100m
Increase in inventory = USD200m
Depreciation = USD125m
Increase in accounts receivable = USD75m
Decrease in accounts payable = USD70m
After tax profit margin = 35%
Gain on sale of machinery = USD30m

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3. A bookstore earned USD200,000 over the past year. At a tax rate of 40%, that bookstore incurs an income tax expense of USD80,000. Under which of the following accounting systems would the expense typically be categorized as an operating activity?


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4. Which of the following are accurate in an oligopoly with stable equilibrium?

I. Marginal revenue is greater than marginal price.
II. All companies are producing the same level of output.

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5. A company had equipment worth USD50 million on 1 January. During the year, they purchased equipment for USD10 million. On 31 December, the equipment account showed USD40 million. All figures are shown at cost, before depreciation.

The amount of equipment sold during the end of the year, at cost, would be closest to:

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