Career Planning & Growth Accelerate Membership Scheme

– Ongoing Career Planning

– Relevant Job Referral

– Member-only events & special offers

– Especially for developing career in Project Management

Why You Should Join Bee-Elite Membership

Ongoing Career Planning
An upskilling roadmap which is a specific set of steps tailored to your professional advancement
Weekly Relevant Job Referral
Provide the career or jobs that bring you fulfilment and move forward in your career path
Member-only events & special offers
Organize and provide the experiences which are beneficial to achieve your career goals

Who Should Join Bee-Elite

You want to develop career in Project Management
You are finding a new job, to change careers or to work toward a promotion
You want to accelerate your career path in Project Management
You don’t know what you want to do next
You want to reach out to alumni resources

Bee-Elite Steps

Select Bee-Elite subscription plan
Welcome email will be received in 1 working day
Fill in Bee-Elite Membership sign up form from the welcome email
Receive Bee-Elite membership card in 2 working days and you are good to access all resources

Getting Start By Signing Up For Free

Get Tailored Career Path Roadmap

What is Bee-Elite

Ongoing Career & Upskilling Planning
Weekly Relevant Job Referral
Member-only events & special offers
Successful case studies newsletter
Bee-Pro Mock exams
50% off
Partnered training centres’ courses
20% off
Partnered Career coaching & CV clinic
20% off
1000+ job interview opportunities per month
Job opportunities all over the world
Monthly report showing the number of CV exposures to recruiters
Industry news workshop
Career talk
Mentor meet-up event
Partnered institute membership fee
20% off

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Bee-Elite FAQ

Q1: How can I get my Tailored-upskilling roadmap?

Ans: Free sign-up to get your tailored-upskilling roadmap via email.


Q2: Will I be charged if I get a job from Bee-Elite?

Ans: No, you won’t be charged.


Q3: How many days will I get a job interview opportunity after joining Bee-Elite?

Ans: it is hard to say, but the more detailed information you fill in the Bee-Elite sign-up form, the better chances of getting an interview


Q4: How can I increase my chances to get a job?

Ans: The more detailed the information in the application form, and the more you use Bee Prepared’s mock exam and work hard to prepare for the certification exams, the easier it will be to get a job from Bee-Elite


Q5: Can I decline an interview opportunity?

Ans: Yes, if the job is not an ideal opportunity, you can reject it.


Q6: Can I quit Bee-Elite

Ans: Yes, please send us an email providing your Bee-Elite member number and mentioning you are requesting a subscription to [email protected]. The cancellation will be made in 3 working days.


Q7: How to join the Bee-Elite events?

Ans: You will get an event invitation email with a link to make a reservation. The upcoming events will also be promoted on our social media platform. Do not miss the important events to upskill yourselves!


Q8: How do I get Bee-Care for free?

Ans: Your Bee-Elite member number works like a promotional code for you to join Bee-Care for free. It is also a code for you to get 50% off for the Bee-Pro Mock exam subscription.


Q9: Where can I access the partnered career coach/ training centre/ institutions list?

Ans: A list which mentions detailed information about special offer providers will be attached to the Bee-Elite member welcome email.


For more inquiries, please WhatsApp +852-94106885