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What To Expect By Joining Bee-Open

Weekly Reports

To show the numbers of your profile exposure to corporate HR. You will receive the reports by email

Job Interview Invitations

A job invitation for which you have been selected. You will receive an invitation via email
Worldwise Job Opportunities
As an international certificated professional, Bee-Open helps you to work as a global citizen

Bee-Open Steps

Fill in Bee-Open application form and upload certificates
Get application confirmation email
Receive Bee-Open e-member card via email in 2 working days
Receive job interview invitations via email once you are selected by corporates

Why You Should Join Bee-Open

To get job interviews without numerous CV sending

No annoying fake job opportunity messages to disappoint you

You will be recruited as in-house employee instead of an outsourced

It is totally free of charge even you get the jobs

Get HKD100 For Referring More Qualified Professionals

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Bee-Open FAQ

Is there an agent to contact me?

Ans: No, if you are selected by the company, you will receive an email directly to choose the interview time


Will I be charged for a job with Bee-Open?

Ans: No, you won’t be charged. It is totally free.


How many days after joining Bee-Open will I get a job interview opportunity?

Ans: it is hard to say, but the more detailed information you fill in the Bee-Open application form, the better chances of getting an interview


How can I increase my chances of being selected?

Ans: The more detailed the information in the application form, and the more you use Bee Prepared’s mock exam and work hard to prepare for the certification exams, the easier it will be selected by the companies


Can I decline an interview opportunity?

Ans: Yes, if the job is not an ideal opportunity, it can be rejected


Can I quit Bee-Open

Ans: You can withdraw at any time without any fees, just notify us by email to stop receiving Bee-Open information


For more inquiries, please WhatsApp +852-94106885