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We understand that life is hard. Bee Prepared appreciate people who work hard for their future


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On March 2022

the lucky one is

ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

– subscribe and practise CISM mock exams on bee prepared
– pass the CISM exam and submit the reward redeem form before 2nd JUNE 2022
– get reward by investing in your career development

How it works

1. subscribe to the mock exams on Bee Prepared
2. Pass the Certification exam
3. fill in this reward redeem form
4. check email/ phone for us to contact you


  • Can I get the full refund even I failed the exams for the first attempt?
    Ans: Yes, as long as you practised with Bee Prepared and passed the exam within the promotion period


  • If I have subscripted to the mock exams for 2 months, can I get 2 months subscription fee refund after passing the certification exams?
    Ans: Yes, it doesn’t matter how much you paid. you will get a full refund.


  • Can I have 2 Rewards if I subscribed to two exam papers?
    Ans: Yes, So if you practised two exams with Bee Prepared, you can get two rewards


  • how will I get the reward?
    Ans: We will send you by bank transfer/ FPS/ payme. you can let us know your preference in the reward redeem form


  • how long will I get the reward?
    Ans: You should get the reward in 4 working days after the reward redeem form is submitted. please email us [email protected] if you have any questions


  • how many times can I join this reward promotion?
    Ans: there is no limitation. Bee Prepared encourages learners to work hard and invest in their career development

the investment in knowledge always pays the highest return

Reward Redeem Form